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William Baker Technical School,
Tel: Hertford 3026

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Goldings was purchased September 1921 then on the 19th April 1922, 260 boys marched out from Stepney to their new home. The William Baker Memorial Technical School. The then Prince of Wales who was to become Edward the VIII opened the school officially on 17th November 1922  The official opening of Goldings was put forward by two days as a general election was called for Wednesday 15th November 1922 the day that had been planed.

Goldings was a Technical School teaching trades to boys aged from 14 to 17 years. Shortly after 1964 the title of Technical school was removed and it became The William Baker School. In 1964 Goldings was listed as having the capacity to take 185 boys. Goldings closed July 1967. Although the Printing Department remained until the official opening of Barnardo School of Printing in in Mead lane, Hertford in 1969.

See a short history on Goldings starting way back to 1700 but this was not the original mansion built for the Squire of Bengeo click here to read please use your back button to return.

One old boy Frank Norman wrote: When I had turned fourteen it was decided that since I was so far behind at school, it would not be wise to find me 'a situation.' Instead I was sent to Barnardo's Technical School in Hertfordshire, called Goldings. The administration people fondly hoped that I would learn a trade. On the last day of my final term at the outside school the headmaster summoned me to his office and gave me a pep talk about the evils of loose women, gambling and drink. Having lived an extremely sheltered existence I had not the slightest idea what he was on about so I dismissed all he had to say as utter rot.

On 8th July 1944 I set off for Goldings together with several other boys in a huge lorry with the letters DBH on the side of it; it had come especially from head office to take us on the journey. To my intense delight Pedro was in our number. I am certain that this was not because of any deference the staff might have had for our friendship but because we were near enough the same age. click here to read more >>>>>>

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