A unique record of life in
The Village Home Barkingside
from 1876 - 1986

Map of Barkingside


As you entered the village gates bottom right in Horns Road the first cottage was called  Joicey then Pussy Willow then the Babies Green started with Syndal, St. Helena, Oxford, Ivy, Pink Clover, Sweet Briar, Mickleham, Curling, Burwell Park at the top of the green, coming down the other side was Peace, Hope, Ilex, Sir James Tyler, Cyril, Mayflower, Clement Then on the corner of the green sat Cairns House.

Returning to the left of the main gate opposite the Governors House, part was used as the central food store. The cottages started with the old lodge then Armitte, Halifax, Gordon, (was Babies) Heather, Woodbine,  Craven, Salem,  Clapham, Cambridge, Daisy, Forget Me Not, Lilly, Hawthorn, Jassamine. All these cottages ran parallel with Horns Road, then at the end of the green we had the first two cottages joined named Trefoil cottage then Heartsease and Rose.  Primrose cottage. Returning we had then two cottages joined together called Wild Thyme and Violet. Then  Bath, Lilly, Clarellan, May and Murtle Cottage, which was the first cottage paid for on Thomas Barnardo's trip to Oxford.

Then we had what was known as The Village Green with a running track and cricket field. Bottom left we start with Hyacinth, Ethel Bolton, Faith, Dr. Truell, Dorothy, Larchfield McCulloch, Joy and Benjamin House that became  Hood then at the far end of the green was the Australasian Hospital to the side of the hospital was Lucking and Y.H.L Cottage then Sunshine House where all the babies lived. Behind the hospital was the old Scotch House that was the old isolation Hospital. Then back to the main green there were four cottages  Francis Pickett, Sir George Williams, Crosswell, John Howard Angas cottage then over a small access road set back next to the library was Meadow Cottage, then back to the green Marian, Henry Mountain, Gustap, Cannizaro, John Sands, Mignonette, Beehive and Eton Cottage.

Over the years some cottages were handed over to projects and the cottage name moved. If you have any corrections please email them. I notice that Honeysuckle has not got a place and is not on the list of cottages of 1929??

Today Barkingside has changed with only one green remaining the old baby green. Some of the cottages have been re-named.

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